Whether you’re a first time homeowner or you’re looking to lower your monthly payments for your homeowners insurance through your escrow, we can help you with your needs.

Many new homeowners may not understand the details that concern a homeowner’s policy; let us help you. Our experienced staff can help find you a policy that fits your needs. Often, new homeowners may be presented with a policy from their real estate agent prior to closing on the property. Many times, those agents may not be worried about finding you the correct policy, but more concerned about closing on the property. This may be a mistake. As a prospective homeowner or even as an existing homeowner, you want to make sure that given a covered loss you are indemnified. The replacement cost of a home may also vary year to year whether it’s because of inflation, renovations, additions or other factors that may drive the replacement cost of the property upward. You may want to schedule items such as jewelry or other valuable items you possess. If you need to relocate as the result of a covered loss, you need to make sure there is enough coverage for loss of use so that you have somewhere to stay and food to eat. Come see us so we can help you out with your homeowners insurance.

Your Dwelling

Coverage for the dwelling you reside in extends to any attached structures, such as a deck or garage. This does not include land or the dwelling’s foundation.

Other Structures

Coverage is provided for any detached structures at your residence, such as a garage, shed, barn, swimming pool, fences, etc.

Personal Property

This coverage section protects your general household belongings against loss by a broad range of perils. Items can include furniture, clothing, appliances and other personal possessions.

Loss of Use

In the event you are required to leave your home as a result of a covered property loss, we will cover you for many additional expenses that may include hotel or restaurant costs.

Personal Liability

This is important coverage if you or your family members are found negligent in causing bodily injury or property damage to another party. In that event, you have the peace of mind knowing we will pay the legal damages imposed on you and include legal defense costs if necessary.

Medical Payments

If a visitor is injured in or around your home, we will pay for the medical expenses incurred by that person.

Jewelry & Personal Items

Jewelry, furs, fine arts, silver and other types of high valued property can be insured separately for a specific limit. This endorsement to the basic Homeowner, Renters and Condominium policy provides broader coverage and eliminates the deductible.